Uncover the mystery of emerging markets and explore the new global paradigm.

In Power of Capital, distinguished author and pioneering investor, Asha Mehta, takes readers on a trip across the globe. Join Asha, as she shares fascinating insights from Ministers of Finance and heads of state to shopkeepers and taxicab drivers. Delivering equal doses of business discussion and geopolitical content, she examines the changes gripping the globe and why the average person – and investor – should care.

Power of Capital

The Book

Explore and understand how investment capital is transforming the world’s most critical emerging markets

Power of Capital provides an on-the-ground perspective informed by Asha’s travels as an “Adventure Capitalist” to far-flung regions of the world. Traveling alongside her family and with a mission to uncover compelling investments, Asha shares incisive commentary on issues crucial to continuing global economic growth, including terrorism and instability, corruption and autocracy, and sustainable investing.

Power of Capital offers:

  • Illuminating insights of China’s role as a global economic powerhouse.
  • Pioneering perspectives of how sustainable investing delivers both alpha and impact.
  • Explorations of how globalization and technology disrupt companies and sectors.
  • In-depth discussions of data’s new and central role as the primary store and creator of value in the modern economy.
  • The case for women as the greatest emerging market in the world.

A page-turning read from a singular and worldly generational leader, Power of Capital offers a unique and thought-provoking trip to the globe’s most fascinating emerging markets.


"Asha Mehta provides a powerful exposition of how our global sustainability challenges are also the biggest opportunities for capital markets to fund the needed solutions."

George Serafeim
Professor at Harvard Business School and author of Purpose and Profit

“Most investors miss opportunities in new markets simply because they are unaware of them. Asha will tell you how to make money in these markets before they have even emerged.”

Jim Rogers
The original Adventure Capitalist, International Investor and Author of Street Smarts

“Asha Mehta demonstrates not only why we need to invest in women, but also how our industry benefits from the combination of analytical rigor and global understanding of human behavior that women investors, like Asha, bring to the table.”

Amanda Pullinger
CEO of 100 Women in Finance

“In her epic journey from UP to the UN, Asha Mehta presents a brave and bold vision that investors and business leaders alike should consider. Power of Capital knits together the interplay of financial returns, sustainability, the empowerment of women in the workplace and society, and the role of technology.”

Vijay Advani
Former CEO of TIAA / Nuveen, Board Member of the Global Impact Investing Network

“A revolution is occurring in the emerging world. Geopolitics, technology, and sustainability are upending the established order. Provocative and pioneering, Asha Mehta’s Power of Capital will help you make sense of it all.”

Selorm Adadevoh
CEO of MTN Ghana

“We live in an era of unremitting geopolitical crises alongside vast pools of institutional wealth. Power of Capital, Asha Mehta’s optimistic and perceptive new book, reveals how and why investment capital offers an opportunity to build a sustainable ecosystem that we dare not waste.”

Ajmal Ahmady
Former Governor of the Afghanistan Central Bank

“A fascinating book by a pioneer of sustainable finance in emerging market economies. It is a first-hand account of her journey through some of the hottest, emerging markets, how she learned to operate and invest successfully in them, and ultimately how private capital can help fight climate change.”

Harinder Kohli
Former Director, World Bank, Founding Director and Chief Executive, Emerging Markets Forum

“This book tells the story of a headstrong young woman traveling the world. From traveling in India with no male chaperone, to Saudi Arabia with no head covering, she makes it all look easy. This is a book you will not want to miss, nor put down once you pick it up."

Churchill Franklin
Co-Founder and CEO Emeritus of Acadian Asset Management, Executive Chair, Intech
Meet The Author

Asha Mehta

Asha Mehta, CFA, is the Founder and Chief Investment Officer of Global Delta Capital. Her thematic focus includes Emerging & Frontier Markets and Sustainable Investing.

She was previously an investment banker at Goldman Sachs and Lead Portfolio Manager and Director of Responsible Investing at Acadian Asset Management. Early in her career, she conducted microfinance lending in India. She has traveled to over 80 countries and lived in six.

Asha is a market maker and investment pioneer. She managed the world’s first Frontier markets fund as well as the first institutional actively managed Emerging Markets Fossil Fuel Free fund. She launched one of the earliest onshore China strategies in the United States. Separately, Asha led the first quantitative investor to become a signatory to the United Nations’ Principles for Responsible Investing, which now oversees more than $100 trillion in investment assets.

Asha was named one of the Top 10 Women in Asset Management by Money Management Executive and profiled as a “Brilliant Quant” by Forbes magazine. Asha is an active advocate of financial literacy and financial empowerment. She is a supporter of several related organizations, including Compass Working Capital and 100 Women in Finance.

Asha holds an MBA with Honors from The Wharton School, University of Pennsylvania and a B.S., Biological Sciences, and A.B., Anthropology, from Stanford University. She lives between Boston and Florida with her husband and three children.

A note from Asha

“My goal is that you’ll walk away from Power of Capital with a greater understanding of today’s emerging markets, with trust in the returns these markets can bring you, with a knowledge of how sustainability can align with the current economic framework, and with inspiration to travel the world and see these markets with your own eyes.”


Asha Mehta of Global Delta Capital: Revealing the Power of Capital

Global Delta’s Founder and CIO, Asha Mehta, CFA, was honored to participate in the 50Faces podcast series, committed to showcasing the richness and diversity of the investment world and beyond by highlighting inspiring investors and their stories.

Power play: How investors can really make a difference

Asha Mehta, Managing Partner and CIO of Global Delta Capital, uses a unique data-driven model to screen stocks in emerging and frontier markets.

She discussed the substantial overlap between impact investing, innovation and frontier-emerging markets investing, explore opportunities for investors in Africa and beyond.

A Walk Around the World: How Today’s Megathemes are Reshaping the Opportunity Set

Asha Mehta, Managing Partner and CIO of Global Delta Capital, took the listeners on a journey from China to Chile. She offered insights on the Far East’s role as a global economic powerhouse, an exploration of how technology disrupts companies and sectors.

The Power of Capital: Generating Alpha & Impact in Emerging Markets

“When you hire, when you build a team, what are you solving for?” is a great question posed by guest speaker, Asha Mehta, CFA.

In this episode, Asha breaks down some of the unique characteristics of investing in frontier markets, that typically trade much less efficiently than securities in more traditional markets.

Africa Global Funds’ Meeting with Asha Mehta, Global Delta Capital

Asha Mehta, Founder and Chief Investment Officer of Global Delta Capital, tells Africa Global Funds about the firm, its investment strategy and her recent book.

Quant Spotlight: Ask the Expert with Asha Mehta

Asha Mehta spoke in the latest episode of CQF Institute’s Quant Spotlight series. Asha discussed the key skills needed for new professionals starting out in quant finance and takes a look back at how she first started her career.

411: Is Emerging and Frontier Markets Investing Still Worth It?

Camden and David converse with Asha Mehta about the bullish case for emerging and frontier markets stocks as well as the risks.

“This Is Us” with CAIA CEO Bill Kelly and Global Delta Capital Managing Partner and CIO Asha Mehta

Bill Kelly and Asha Mehta got together for the latest installment of “This is Us” where they discuss three themes from Asha’s new book “Power of Capital” that explore global, digital, and sustainable relevance in today’s markets. Listen in!

Byline by Asha Mehta: Where to find growth, diversification, and impact?

Asha shared her business perspective on the forum advisory board and discussed the unparalleled opportunity in emerging markets – particularly for ESG investors.

Asha Mehta discussed Emerging Markets with the legendary Paul Ellis

In this episode, Asha shared her views on evolving emerging markets and provided her insights into current geopolitics, the changes gripping the world today and why the average person and investor should care.

The insightful Rebecca Hotsko hosted Asha Mehta on The Investor’s Podcast Network

In this episode, you will learn about why investors may want to consider investing in emerging and frontier markets for higher returns, why inflation has actually been positive for some emerging market’s stock returns, and so much more!

Asha Mehta shared her experiences of being the first quantitative manager to become a signatory of the PRI.

Asha talked about Global Delta Capital’s quantitative approach to emerging markets and how investors can leverage big data o drive change/impact, and many more!

Global Delta Capital’s CEO spoke at the ESG Climate Risk in Quant Finance Conference

This event offers insights from world-class investors with unique access and experience. Enjoy talks from Nobel Laureate, Professor Robert Engle, Dr. Robert Litterman, Asha Mehta, and many more.

Power of Capital to be released October 25, 2022

100Women.org featured Asha and the book in the September issue of the site and will include Asha as a Featured Member in the coming month.

Asha Mehta spoke at the Women in Impact Summit alongside with incredible women.

This series engaged with a community of incredible women, leaders and experts to discuss how to align all areas of your life with your values.

DATA MINDS: The Rise of the Retail Investor

Our CIO was a panelist on the Wall Street Horizon’s event, “Implications for Institutions and Regulators”, and discussed how can institutional investors overcome the challenges presented by more retail investing with the help of data.

A Quantitative Approach to Sustainable Investing – Data, Emerging Markets and Impact

The CFA Institute, through a podcast interview, discussed with Global Delta Capital’s Managing Partner and CIO how investors can approach sustainable investing from a quantitative point of view.

Macro Outlook: Gearing up for 2022

Senior decision-makers from DevTeam.Space, Eureka Wealth Solutions, and DXE Properties, and with our very own Global Delta Capital’s CIO shared their views on the top macro trends for 2022.

The CIO of Global Delta Capital spoke in the Women in Asset Management Summit Agenda 2021

Our CIO gave a talk on “Keeping up with ESG Developments and Important Metrics” and discussed ESG and Impact Investing.

Global Delta Capital, along with other ESG experts, shared exclusive insights into ESG performance metrics.

We were pleased to participate in a discussion on “Demystifying ESG performance metrics”.

Global Delta Capital spoke at the Accounting for Sustainability Project, established by HRH The Prince of Wales in 2004.

The 14th A4S Summit is a unique global meeting to catalyse action. Working with our network of influential partners, A4S is coordinating a two-week series of virtual events bringing together leaders in finance for discussion, insight and action on the issues that matter.

The International Economic Forum of the Americas invited Global Delta Capital to lead a discussion on Re-imagining Financial Services.

Topics included #bigdata#digitalization, and #sustainability

What Trade War? Meet the Brilliant Quant Who’s Bullish on China

Our CIO addressed how alternative data can benefit investors and accelerate economic recovery through a panel discussion.

Global Delta Capital joined esteemed leaders in 21st century investing at the TruValue Labs ESG Investing Forum 2020

We were pleased to participate in a discussion on “SDGs – Investing to Make an Impact.”

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As we come to recognize that all capital has an impact, investors are beginning to understand that investments not only generate returns, they also build pathways to promoting peace and prosperity.

Power of Capital explores and answers questions like:

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